Unit/Department Membership

Unit Accounts may be opened for any Stanford academic or administrative unit to facilitate business use of the Faculty Club. These accounts, which must be sponsored by a member of the Club, have no monthly fee. Most expenses are paid for at the time of service. Unit Account applications may be requested directly from the Faculty Club.



The Faculty Club worked with administrators to develop the easiest possible process for paying for Club services. Most meals and other services are paid utilizing the existing Department Purchasing Card process. Food services and catering bills under $1,500 are paid at the time of service using a Department Purchasing Card. Payments for catered events over $1,500 and for hotel bills are arranged at the time reservations are made.


Every unit account must be sponsored by a Faculty Club member who may delegate the management of the account to a Unit Account Custodian. Unit Account Custodians, appointed by the account sponsor, manage the account and its activities on a day-to-day basis. They communicate Unit Account policies within the department and ensure that the account is used only for departmentally-sponsored events. They personally arrange with the Club for any account use by non-members. The custodian ensures that appropriate University accounts are charged, business purposes articulated, and bills promptly paid. Custodians take an active role in identifying and resolving issues pertaining to the Unit Account.

For more information contact Laura Sambrano at (650) 723-8638.